Cultivating Stevia, nature's sweetener
Stevva Ltd. is a grower and cultivator of Stevia, an increasingly popular low-carbohydrate, low-sugar food and beverage ingredient. Our Stevia is the highest quality, thanks to being grown in ideal crop conditions in Giannitsa, Greece.

Stevva's entrance into the market is well timed, as the industry ramps up production of Stevia due to growing demand and supply shortages.

Stevia has high sweetness and zero calories, making it a desirable sweetener with a global demand. According to WHO estimates, Stevia has the potential to replace 20-30% of all dietary sweeteners in the coming years—with the expectation of becoming a market leader within the approximately $10 billion non-sugar sweetener industry.
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Our mission is the introduction of a new agricultural production with the highest quality of Stevia plants, higher performance yield, and with a secured future sale of their production.
Stevia: Nature's Sweetener
The United States and Japan are the leading economies of world with a 60% share in global Stevia consumption. Early on, Stevia made a large impact within the $8 billion high intensity sweetener category, overtaking Aspartame within its first year of launch. The potential market for Stevia has expanded to the entire sweetener market and across all food & beverage categories—and the advantages of Stevia are helping it gradually replace artificial sweeteners. For example, Stevia leaf extract is a key ingredient in over 45 products across Coca Cola’s portfolio in over 15 countries.
Committed to helping you incorporate the benefits of Stevia

The food processing industry, consumers, and even related industries such as medicine and pharmaceuticals are looking for a viable sweetening option such as Stevia. Although sugar (a.k.a., sucrose) has traditionally dominated the sweetening market, its importance is getting reduced due to the soaring rates of health issues such as diabetes and obesity—and the resulting consumer demand for healthier alternatives to sugar.

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News & Events
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Anuga – Taste the Future, held in Cologne, Germany, is the world’s largest and most important food and beverage fair for new markets and target groups.
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