Stevva works with producers and other links in the Stevia supply chain to promote the use of sustainable practices at each step of the production and distribution process. Stevva is a wholly owned subsidiary of Homie Recipes, Inc. (HOMR).
Our Approach
Stevva offers the following advantages in the Stevia cultivation industry:
  • High demand and low supply of Stevia globally.
  • Favorable climate and growing conditions.
  • Favorable government support.
  • Low production costs.
  • Community labor force.
Strategic relationships will be key as high-purity Stevia becomes a truly global mass volume commodity sweetener—and Stevva's business approach is strategically designed to help the company keep up with global customer demand.
Board of Directors and Management
To ensure the success of Stevva becoming a major player in Stevia production, a top-notch management team has been assembled.
Key members include: